Retail Display Furniture

Design, engineering, manufacture

Retail Display Furniture

Design, engineering, manufacture


Design & Development



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In-house assembly with

years experience manufacturing for global automotive, fast-food and cosmetics brands

Display unit part numbers

Active component suppliers

”SinoScan's combination of solid product development capabilities and a well-established in-house manufacturing setup has been ideal for us.

We came to SinoScan with a product design that still needed significant development. SinoScan have been able to steer us safely through development to a finished product - and, in addition, they have been able to manufacture our product.

I would be happy to recommend SinoScan to anyone looking for a product development partner, a product manufacturer - or both."
Thomas Kristensen
Inventor of iiamo Warm3 baby bottle heater
Co-owner of iiamo

You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a product design or prototype

We help you prepare for production

Your product is ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

Need help sourcing, developing

or manufacturing retail display furniture?

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Malene Newman

Managing Director

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