Design, engineering, manufacture


Design, engineering, manufacture

You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production

You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

Why use SinoScan as your sourcing and manufacturing partner for bespoke cast parts?

SinoScan has more than 20 years experience with sourcing and manufacturing castings. We supply custom-engineered cast parts to a number of market-leading US and other Western companies across industrial and consumer industries.

Under the supervision of our US engineers our casting engineering department manage an extensive and experienced casting supplier base.

SinoScan offers dedicated engineering teams specialised in:

  • Investment casting
  • Die casting
  • Sand casting

Engineering meeting, SinoScan Denmark

Casting method main characteristics


  • Low tooling costs
  • Good tolerances and surface quality reduces need for subsequent machining
  • Typical materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and brass alloys


  • Tight dimensional tolerances and good surface finish
  • Low unit cost
  • Suitable for medium to high volume production
  • Typical materials: aluminum, zinc, brass and magnesium alloys


  • Most typical metal casting process
  • Relatively cheap casting method
  • Suitable for medium to large production batch sizes
  • Typical materials: Gray and ductile iron, steel, aluminum

About partnering with SinoScan

  • Customer liaison and project management handled by US engineering team
  • Extensive experience with sand casting, investment casting and die casting
  • Full CAD-capabilities for both parts and tooling
  • Specialized casting engineering and QC teams
  • Day-to-day contact, supervision and development of suppliers
  • In-house VMM/CMM
  • 3rd Party material certificates provided as needed
  • Documented quality control performed on all deliveries before shipping in accordance with our Lloyds' ISO9001:2015-certified quality management system
  • Quotations provided by US-based SinoScan Inc.
  • All business transactions are conducted between customer and SinoScan Inc.
  • All quotations provided with part specifications, unit cost and tooling prices based on documentation, batch size, stock arrangements, and estimated annual usage
  • 50 percent of tooling costs paid at commencement of sample production and the remainder at sample approval
  • Tooling is the sole property of the customer
  • Prices quoted DDP in USD or otherwise as per customer requirements
  • Unit prices adjusted when combined change of material index price and currency rate is in excess of 5 percent of said unit price
  • Standard payment terms are 8 days after delivery
  • Local/off-shore Warehousing and/or vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services provided as needed

Selected customer case

Selected customers

Ingersoll Rand
Marco Marine A/S
Vikingespillet Jels

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