declaration of intent

The courage
to care

At SinoScan, we are not making statements we don’t believe in
– We take action on the things that matter.

And to us, the environment matters!
Therefore, we are committed to transitioning our operations towards more sustainable practices.

Manging Director, Lars Andersen (left), SinoScan Denmark


The SinoScan Group offers product development and manufacturing under one roof: design, engineering, and manufacturing. We are aware of our impact throughout the complete value chain from product concept to a finished manufactured and packaged product. 

The SinoScan mandate is to help you achieve a strong, green position through responsible products that are designed to meet immediate and future demands and market expectations.

On the path to sustainability

At SinoScan, we want to act responsibly across all areas of the business and across all relationships. Not only do we take responsibility for how we conduct our business, which you can find in our Code of Conduct, but we also take responsibility for our environmental impact.

This applies to both our operations and our development of the company. SinoScan has decided to undertake a future responsible purpose, strategy, and vision based on due diligence for sustainability. This obligation rests on internationally recognised principles of the EU sustainability finance regulation, taxonomy, and Green Deal with CSRD. Focus on these principles will help SinoScan to achieve sustainable development and environmental, social, and corporate governance.

In our work with due diligence for sustainability, we are in the process of defining our goals and strategies. This risk mapping and assessment identifies where we as a company have the potentially biggest impact on people, the environment and society. To ensure our strategy is robust and effective, it is being reviewed at all SinoScan sites to enable common goals and plans.

Engineering meeting, SinoScan UK

Big leaps are
made in steps

SinoScan delivers solutions and operates across many different markets and product sectors, always looking to add value, but to do this, we do not work alone. We will address the potential and actual impacts that we cause, contribute to, or are connected to through our business relationships. In our implementation of due diligence for sustainability, we will involve our suppliers and other relevant stakeholders.

This corporate sustainability declaration of intent is the first step towards the SinoScan sustainability action plan and our future commitment to changing where we can make the biggest impact and contribution to a wider societal concern and a more circular and sustainable future.

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