Design,engineering and manufacturing of the Perfect Princess Bed

From birthday present to product line

After having presented his 5 year old niece with a princess bed developed by himself, James Haslett was inundated with requests by children and their parents to sell them a princess bed, and decided to start Perfect Princess Beds.

The journey from manufacturing a one off design to launching mass production of a children’s bed for the UK market brought Perfect Princsess Beds in contact with SinoScan.

Engineering for princesses

SinoScan was tasked with optimizing the design, engineering and ensuring compliance with British safety standards and implementing manufacturing.

Today, Perfect Princess Beds are the only legal FIRA & BSA safety approved canopy bed manufacturer in Europe (BS 8509:2008).

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"Getting an idea is simple. Getting it through safety and structural testing is a different matter. SinoScan's entire staff and the brilliant engineering team have been forthcoming, enthusiastic and up to the challenge at every turn. Additionally, their pricing has been competitive."

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