You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain


You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

You have a product idea

We help you turn it into a product design

You have a design or a prototype

We help you prepare for production

You are ready for production

We manufacture it and manage your supply chain

Why use SinoScan as your product manufacturing partner?

Partnering with SinoScan allows you to locate part or all of your assembly and production in a well-run global manufacturing setup. Production and assembly takes place in a controlled and secure environment, with engineers and quality personnel present from start to finish.

Partnering with us, you will benefit from an experienced mangement and engineering team, dynamic and innovative product engineers and a robust manufacturing setup with a well-honed quality management system and culture.

Products or sub-assemblies are delivered anywhere in the world to production lines or finished goods stock. If necessary, SinoScan can also handle stock arrangements globally.

IP protection seminar, SinoScan Denmark

Department meeting, SinoScan China

Predictable production launch

Keeping project momentum, delivering on time frames and maintaining attention to details is crucial for ensuring the success of your product.

When you receive manufacturing budgets, plans and timeframes from us, you can be sure that they are brought to you by an organization that has the scope and scale required to see them through.

We leverage the experience and expertise of more than 30 in-house engineers, in-house production facilities and an extensive and well-developed component supply base to ensure a predictable and timely production launch.

Reliable manufacturing, IP protection and supply chain management

When manufacturing your product, we can source individual components  at different suppliers and conduct final product assembly in our in-house production facilities to keep your intellectual property safe.

Also, we make sure that legal and operational measures are in place to manage the supply chain feeding our production facilities – ensuring a timely delivery of your product.

Quality lab, SinoScan China

Warehouse, SinoScan China

Logistics, vendor managed inventory and consignment stock

Your product can be delivered by us anywhere on the planet – to your stock, to stores or to end-users; we provide full-service logistics in all our markets.

In countries where we are represented, you can have your inventory managed by us, and if required, appropriate consignment stock solutions can be put in place.

Production implementation overview

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SinoScan engineering and sales office, Denmark

SinoScan product manufacturing benefits

  • Integrated product development and manufacturing capabilities (for more on our development capabilities go to product design or product engineering pages)
  • Robust quality management and control
  • Strong IP safeguards
  • Experienced management, engineering and manufacturing teams with strong track record (for more go to our customer cases or our customer testimonials page)
  • Well established part supplier network
  • Access to cost-efficient production input across a wide range of materials and processes
  • Packaging, logistics and stock management

Selected customer cases

Customer: Perfect Princess Beds Customer type: SME Services rendered: Design, engineering, manufacturing
Customer: Fasterholt Customer type: SME Services rendered: Sourcing of cast parts, machined parts and final assembly of turbine.
Customer: Aguardio Customer type: Startup Services rendered: Design optimization, product development, engineering and manufacturing of patented water sensor.
Customer name: 3Shape Customer type: Large enterprise Services rendered: Design optimization, prototyping and engineering of worktable for dental clinics.
Industry: Retail display furniture Services rendered: Design, engineering, manufacturing
Customer name: iiamo Customer type: SME Services rendered: Prototyping, engineering and manufacturing of heating element for baby bottle.

Are you ready for production?

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