Sourcing of cast parts and final assembly of turbine



Castings for scandinavian irrigators

Fasterholt is the leading manufacturer of irrigators in Scandinavia and has manufactured more than 8,000 units to date.

After a meeting with SinoScan at a Danish industry expo in 2015, Fasterholt decided to give us a chance and let us handle sourcing, quality control, and delivery of machined castings. The cast parts would be used in a turbine, which at that time was being assembled internally at Fasterholt.

From component sourcing to product assembly

Fasterholt has experienced significant growth in recent years with increasing demand from new markets.

For this reason, Fasterholt decided to allow SinoScan to take over sourcing of the remaining components for the turbine, as well as final product assembly and quality control.

The unit consists of a pump housing, cast bends, flanges, filters and filter housings.

As of Jan 2021 SinoScan has delivered 400 assembled units.

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"We had 4-5 predictable challenges during the first delivery of the final product, but they were taken seriously and prompt action was taken. The positive aspect of working with SinoScan is that you deliver a product that you can trust."

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